With an eye for fashion and a flair for styling, Kidear Youmans is much more than a star, he’s heaven
sent. Debuting during 2010 New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Kidear always understood the
connection between fashion and its counterpart art. While attending NYC’s most exclusive runway shows
and social gatherings many fashion mavens and enthusiast began to take notice of his signature shades
he crafted himself. With his shades becoming a hit amongst the industry’s most elite, his unique and
bold statements of power through his clothing began to take impact many. Within a month the
fashionisto started to create a buzz in the Fashion Scene with his otherworldly style and domineering
Quickly Kidear became one of the premier celebrity stylists to obtain in NYC. Within weeks he garnered
an impressive clientele while collaborating with The Source Magazine Fashion Editor O.J. Williams. As a
combined force Kidear has styled the likes of Solange Knowles, Lala Vasquez, 50 Cent and G-Unit, Mr.
Vegas, Fatman Scoop, Dawn Richards, Tristan Wilds, Travie McCoy & Wiz Khalifa and many more. With
his originality and his winning personality NYC’s fashion scene wanted to know who this fashion Michael
Angelo was, After fashion week Kidear decided to launch his website www.KidearYoumans.com and officially
introduce himself to the world. “I am truly blessed to have found my calling” said Kidear. Kidear is truly
blessed as well as grateful for all his achieved success. While Kidear enjoyed his shades endeavor he
truly loves styling.